Hail & Wind Damage

Storm Damaged Shingles

Georgia is no stranger to powerful hail and wind storms. Nearly every year the southeast is struck by severe storms capable of damaging your home’s exterior. Insurance providers typically will pay to repair or replace storm-damaged roofs and gutters, as well as any other storm-related damages. Hail damage to roofing is rarely visible from the ground

  • Storm Damage compromises your home’s resistance to the elements
  • Storm Damage adversely affects your home’s appearance
  • Storm Damage rarely causes immediate leaks, but when it does they are usually only discovered through an inspection, or overtime when the damage reaches severe levels.
  • Storm Damage is only covered by an insurer for a limited time.

Sparrow Exteriors has a professional team of Restoration Experts trained in the detection and analysis of storm damage, who will advise you if your property sustained storm damage.

Roof damage is the most common form of hail damage as it is the largest area exposed, but siding, painting, gutters, and other unprotected home features can be damaged. Hail can damage asphalt shingles, void the manufacturer’s warranty, reduce the shingle’s lifespan and even result in leaks. Cedar shakes can split, slate roof tiles can crack, metal can dent – no roof system is impervious to hail damage. Often hail and wind damage can be hard to detect, so it’s important to have your roof inspected by professionals.

Should your home or business have suffered severe storm damage, our restoration specialist will diagnose the problem(s) and prescribe the appropriate solution. We will conduct an inspection document the damage, prepare a detailed estimate, review our estimate with the insurance adjuster, plan and oversee the job to the end.

A Word of Caution

When selecting a Contractor to restore you in the event of a loss, caution is always recommended. Check the Secretary of State, the Better Business Bureau, see if there are any customer reviews online, ask for referrals and references and ALWAYS ask to see the Contractor’s General Liability & Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Georgia is a very diverse market with few regulations and no real consumer watchdog. This means the levels of professionalism can vary dramatically. Some contractors are new startups with little to no experience, others are fly-by-night scammers, some are legitimate “Storm Chasers” who travel focusing on restoration work but can be difficult to reach in the event of a warranty issue, and some are professional local contractors, but telling them apart is often difficult by simply speaking with them – so take time and research any company you’re considering. Professional companies never fear a client getting to know them better!