You may not realize it but your home, like most in Atlanta, is probably under-insulated. This means your attic could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Without proper attic insulation, chances are your air conditioning is leaking through the top of your home – leaving you with high power bills and drafts.

Adding insulation is a quick way to increase your home’s comfort while conserving energy and making it more soundproof. The best part of this home improvement is that typically the costs are recouped within the first two to three years.

Sparrow Exteriors installs blown insulation, cellulose, as well as spray foam, and radiant barriers. We provide you with the services and insulation products you need quickly and affordably!

Warning! While there are many benefits to spray foam insulation, be sure to check with the manufacturer of your roof shingles to see if they allow for spray foam. In some cases, it will void the manufacturer’s warranty.