Whether you own a large commercial property and need a custom flat roof system, or you own a high-end residence that demands exceptional aesthetics and performance, Sparrow Exteriors is here to serve.

For specialty roofing systems there are a wide variety of products to choose from:


This market has seen tremendous innovation and competition over the last couple of decades. Manufacturers such as DaVinci Roofscapes, Brava Roof Tile, CeDur, EcoStarand Revia by F-wave all offer beautiful products designed to perform and at various price points.

Sparrow Exteriors was the National Project of the Year Recipient for DaVinci Roofscapesand our work has been featured in various brochures and promotional videos.


Did you know not all Slate tiles are the same? It’s true, Slate can vary significantly in quality. That’s why Sparrow Exteriors only installs ASTM S-1 Rated Slate, so your investment lasts.

Building material suppliers often sell slate quarried from low-grade sites. While Slate is a naturally occurring product, it can nevertheless vary in quality, so not all slate roofs are the same! Many contractors looking to reduce costs will quote installing a Slate with inferior mineral deposits and omit the ASTM (American Society for Testing and materials) Rating from their quote. This inferior slate still looks beautiful, but rarely lasts
very long, as the slate quickly fades and the inferior minerals leach out and cause the tiles to crack, slide and plummet to the ground below.

A Quick Guide to the ASTM Rating System for Slate
a. ASTM S-1 Typical life expectancy is over 75 years
b. ASTM S-2 Typical life expectancy is 40 to 75 years
c. ASTM S-3 Typical life expectancy is 20 to 40 years

Note: An engineer may be required to confirm the existing framing and deck can support the weight. Slate roofing typically costs 5 to 10 times the cost of standard asphalt composition shingles.


Recognized the world over for its beauty, adding cedar shakes or shingles to your home gives your property instant distinction and classic appeal.

Cedar comes in varied thicknesses and grades. Optional pressure-treating helps the life of the shingles, but these roof systems have a high cost for their approximate 20-year lifespan. Cedar Shake costs on average 3 to 4 times the price of standard asphalt composition shingles, but to those who love the look of cedar, the price is well worth it

Sparrow Exteriors also offers Cedar Shake Roof Repair, cleaning, and staining services to help extend the life of these beautiful roofs

A word of caution; do not allow a roofer to Pressure Wash or SEAL your wood roof. Pressure Washing at high pressure damages the wood fibers, causing them to degrade faster. Low-Pressure Washing is an acceptable way to gently clean the surface of the roof, however, this should always be followed up with an application of a specially formulated oil-based Stain.

Note: Staining and Sealing are NOT synonymous. Staining extends the life of a shake roof while Sealing greatly reduces it.


Sparrow Exteriors offers custom Tile Roof installations from today’s top manufacturers: Boral, Ludowici, Santafe, verea & Iron Stone. Whether you need your tile roof repaired, or require a complete replacement and custom installation, our team of craftsmen knows how to do the job right.

Are you looking for a lightweight tile replicating the look of slate or Cedar Shake? Ironstone’s simple and secure hanger design makes this system easy to install, and easy to repair. Ironstone also offers a High Impact, Class 4 tile which is thicker, a little heavier, but still weighs in less than 650 lbs per 100 SF.

In the market for a quality Clay Tile or Terra Cotta Roof System? Ludowici, Santafe, and Verea offer a variety of profiles ranging from Flat Roof Tiles to Barrel and Spanish “S” in a variety of colors and blends.

Boral’s Concrete Tile is beautiful, long-lasting, and available in a wide variety of profiles and colors; offering Flat Tile, Shake Tile, and Spanish Tile


Sparrow Exteriors installs Hidden Fastener Standing Seam, Stone Coated Steel & custom copper roof systems.

Standing Seam Metals by McElroy, PAC-CLAD & Sheffield.

Boral Steel is available in 5 distinct Stone Coated profiles that can enhance the curb appeal and value of any home. Moreover, they provide protection that will last!

  1. 50 Year Limited Warranty
  2. 2.5” Hail Stone Penetration Warranty
  3. 120 MPH Wind Warranty
  4. Fire Resistant
  5. Energy Efficient


Sparrow Exteriors provides commercial clients with regular service & maintenance, leak repair, new construction, and storm damage restoration.

In addition to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, metal, and tile, we also install TPO & PVC roof systems, as well as provide energy-efficient roof coatings.

A complete inspection of your property’s roof system will not only help you with forecasting your roof needs but will also help in budgeting for future projects. However, a more immediate benefit is in potentially limiting current expenses due to roof leaks.

Roof leaks affect the work environment for employees and tenants and potentially cause damage to contents and equipment. If you are experiencing leaks or desire to be proactive with preventative maintenance, give us a call today.

Sparrow Exteriors specializes in roofing, gutters, siding, painting,
and insulation systems in Georgia and the Greater Metro-Atlanta area.