Gerard Stone Coated Metal Roofing

For over forty years the name Gerard has been synonymous with quality stone coated metal roof systems. Gerard metal roofs deliver the look of wood roofing, spanish tile and asphalt shingles, while being engineered for long term performance.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Well Engineered
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Class 4 Impact Resistant
  • 2.5” Hailstone Warranty
  • 120 MPH Wind Resistant
  • Limited 50 Year Manufacturer Backed Warranty

Expert Installation

Choosing a high performing roof system is only half of the equation, as selecting a competent and qualified installer helps ensure these systems perform as intended. With Sparrow Exteriors you can rest assured your stone coated metal roof is in good hands. We have tremendous experience working with specialty roof systems such these and are known for meeting or exceeding manufacturer requirements as well as mandatory building codes.

Style Meets Performance

Pine-Crest Shake

PINE-CREST Shake metal roof tiles offer the look, dimension & colors of wood shake, with the added benefit of long lasting performance. Various installation methods allow you to roof over existing wood, metal or shingle roofing.

Pacific Tile

PACIFIC Tile resembles traditional old-world small barrel roof tile, and some traditional cement roofing tile. It looks great on both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Barrel Vault

Barrel Vault roof tile resembles high profile “S” style concrete or terracotta tile roofing, without any of the downside. It will never or absorb moisture, is more energy efficient, weighs a fraction of the weight, and is available in 8 colors.


GRANITE-RIDGE metal roof tiles look like dimensional shingles, but will never twist, tear, blow off, burden our landfills, or catch fire! Metal roofing is much stronger than conventional and architectural asphalt roofing shingles.

Acquisition by Boral

Over the years Gerard has seen some changes, introducing new designs, application methods and procedures and yes even changing hands regarding ownership.

On May 8, 2017 Boral completed its acquisition of Headwaters Incorporated, the parent company of Gerard. Since then Boral has been carefully rebranding Gerard, along with Metro another similar line, as Boral Steel seeking to better position the manufacturer in serving the specialty residential and commercial roofing market.

“To ensure that we seamlessly realize the benefits of this strategic acquisition for all of our stakeholders, teams from Boral and Headwaters are coming together to implement integration plans that leverage the talents and expertise of both companies,” said Mike Kane, Boral CEO & Managing Director.

Boral USA and Headwaters combined to form a new division named Boral North America – a $1.8 billion revenue business – which is to be headquartered in Atlanta, the location of Boral’s current U.S. headquarters.