This Kennesaw Home Has Curb Appeal to Spare!

Cedar shake roof & custom half round gutter system
cedar roof restoration
Cedar roof with white siding and designer gutters
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About The Project

Greg was referred to us by one of his neighbors after a severe hailstorm hit their area. We performed an inspection and noted the cedar roof and gutter system were both damaged. We then met the insurance adjuster on site and performed an inspection of the property together. To say the insurer was reluctant to replace the damage is an understatement. While the adjuster agreed with our assessment, his Supervisor pushed him to deny the claim – all from his desk without ever seeing the damages.

“These guys are an outstanding operation. First, they were far more knowledgeable than my insurance company’s so-called approved contractors. We currently use one of the largest insurance companies in the world and they were outmatched by Sparrow. Second, my insurance company wanted to do a cheaper repair, not a total. My community originally had homes priced upwards of 1.5M. Warren and his team were able to educate my Fortune 500 insurance company to get the roof totaled, therefore, getting us a complete new roof! Third, my insurance company did everything they could to not pay market rates on materials and labor. They employed every tactic in the book and we caught them in numerous lies and retractions. Only due to their experience were we able to respond immediately to each event. My insurance company dragged this negotiation out over 4 months and Sparrow stood by us every step of the way. – Greg D.

Once the roof had been approved for replacement, we then began the task of the work itself. We used number one grade, blue label, pressure-treated cedar shake from a Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau certified mill. Each shake was hand-nailed and the installation was in accordance with the CSSB’s recommendations and local building codes. This is a custom system that demands a high level of competency from the installer and our team did not disappoint.

Once the roof had been replaced, we then replaced the half-round gutter system and round downspouts. There were previous drainage issues which we were all too happy to help correct at that time.

“The work was EXCELLENT and the clean-up was very professional. Bottom line is these guys do exactly what they say they will do, on time and with excellent work. I rarely give 5 stars to a vendor, but these guys earned it.” – Greg D.

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