Brava Synthetic Spanish Tile

An excellent choice for this outdoor kitchen!
Atlanta Brava Spanish Tile Installation

About the Project

This client spent considerable time and effort designing his outdoor kitchen and the materials he wanted to use. Employing various materials such as brick, stone, tile and cedar to achieve a Tuscan aesthetic; he felt the Brava Spanish Tile was the perfect final touch. Although a relatively small project, the design presented some unique challenges for our installation team. The exposed cedar decking was a key design element and could not be nailed through, requiring special fastener approval from Brava. Additionally, to make the most use of the available space the client chose to frame the project with a rather severe pitch change from a 10/12 to a 4/12 on one slope, requiring a highly custom installation to account for this. Also the rough cedar framing required we custom fabricate the drip edge and gutter apron to present a clean and uniform appearance. While this project presented some unique challenges to the installation, both we and the client were very pleased. Brava perfectly captures the look of clay tile!

Classic Look Engineered to Perform

One of the big factors in choosing this product was not only the authentic and natural Spanish Tile look, but the light weight made framing costs lower without the need to account for the heavy weight of traditional tile. Coming with a class 4 impact resistance, high fire rating and 50 year manufacturer backed warranty, this tile is a real standout.

Ready to Entertain

This outdoor kitchen surrounds a beautiful pool and provides the perfect space for hosting events and entertaining guests year round. You can be sure family, friends and neighbors will enjoy this terrific space for years to come!

“I’m very pleased with the way the project turned out and am happy with the quality of the work.” – John M.

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