Synthetic wood roof manufacturerManufactured in Colorado, CeDUR roofing products have been installed around the world. The minds behind CeDUR loved the natural beauty wood roofing provides a home, but didn’t love the constant headache that comes with maintaining a cedar shake roof; splitting, rotting, debris buildup, oil treatments and maintenance. They wanted a roofing solution that delivered long term value and lasting performance, without compromising the beauty of natural wood.

faux synthetic cedar shake

Thus CeDUR was developed to withstand the extreme Colorado environment, understanding that if it could perform in the high country of the Rocky Mountains as well as the wind and hail belt of the Front Range, it could perform well anywhere in the world. The interface of these two different environments include every type of weather phenomena imaginable including: extreme wind storms (the highest recorded non-hurricane or tornado related gust), large diameter hail, intense UV exposure, rapid freeze-thaw cycles, heavy snow fall, and of course dangerous wild fire. By implementing a breakthrough Polyurethane manufacturing process they are able to deliver a truly insulative product that is lightweight, solid throughout, and meets or even exceeds the roofing industries most difficult testing standards.

CeDUR engineered polymer roof
Realistic faux shake roofing
Atlanta CeDUR installer company

CeDUR offers incredible curb appeal, authentic wood beauty and safety.

  • Deep grain patterns
  • No water absorption
  • No mold or mildew growth
  • Rich natural wood appearance
  • No plastic sheen appearance
  • Molded from natural cedar shakes
  • Thick beautiful shadow lines and grooves
  • No splitting, rotting, or warping
  • Color through pigmentation – not coated
  • Class A Fire Rating – highest fire rating available
    • No need for special fire resistant underlayment
    • ICC Certified
  • Class 4 Impact Rating – highest impact rating available
  • Lightweight – just 170 pounds per square
  • Improves your roofs insulation value
  • 50 Year Limited Material Warranty
  • Certified to 115 mph wind speeds
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