Roof Repair & Restoration

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Asphalt Shingle Roof – Repair to Replacement

Sparrow Exteriors also provides services for asphalt shingles which include emergency tarps and minor repairs from storm damage and age related issues, to complete replacements of entire roof systems.

As of 2011, asphalt composition shingles commanded 83% of the residential roofing market, making it the most common residential roofing material. They are made with a fiberglass mat treated with asphalt and covered with ceramic coated, colored granules (crushed rock) to achieve different colors. While many manufacturer’s warranties promote a longer lasting product, in Georgia and other hot southern States, expect the shingle to last only 16 -18 years.

Asphalt Composition Shingles come in the following variations (typically, the more beautiful, the more costly).

Listed in order of price:

  1. Three (3) tab. The least expensive and most common.
  2. Architectural laminate. This style has a second layer added for definition and is the most popular upgrade from a 3 tab.
  3. Designer shingles. Achieved through thickness, shape, granule color mix and placement of multiple layers. This series of shingles are often the most costly of the three, but provide a much more custom appearance.

Choosing the Right Roof
Design a look you’ll love.

Shopping for a new roof is the perfect opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your entire home or building. Your roof can make up more than half of your home’s exterior so it should complement your home’s style and exterior color scheme.

As you consider your shingle choices, think about how the look of your new roof could improve upon the roof you have now.

  • Should you choose a different color? Consider the look of your home’s exterior. A new shingle color could bring your look together. Or even inspire a new palette.
  • Have you seen the granules? Look closely! Using the colors of the shingle’s granules, you can coordinate all of your home’s exterior elements – the paint, siding, brick or stone to achieve a harmonious appearance..
  • Do you need more dimension? If your home’s exterior is monochromatic, think about adding shingles that appear thicker and give your roof a rich, textured look. For homes that already have a detailed exterior, you could choose softer, more muted shingles. Sparrow Exteriors installs a variety of roofing shingles that carry a unique combination of these characteristics.