F-Wave REVIA shingles

It’s not just a roof. It’s an investment.

Sparrow Exteriors remains at the forefront of composite roof systems. We strive to offer the latest products and systems engineered for performance. REVIA by F-Wave is an interesting new product we bring you in that spirit.

Asphalt shingles tend to reach the end of their service life around 15 to 20 years in the Southeast. For property owners seeking a high performance and long lasting solution F-Wave REVIA shingles make sense. While the initial cost for a composite synthetic roof may be a bit more than asphalt, the Class A fire rating, Class 4 impact rating and 130 MPH wind resistance will likely result in significant savings on property insurance premiums. This combined with a long lifespan and virtually no maintenance cost really translates into significant savings long term.

Designed for Durability

Traditional Laminated Shingle

  • Glued layers can delaminate over time
  • Granule loss leads to cracking & UV degradation
  • Low tear strength & impact resistance
  • Improper nailing leads to blow-off in high winds

One-Piece F-Wave REVIA shingles

  • Engineered materials for maximum durability
  • No granules, no asphalt, no loss of performance
  • Superior tear strength & impact resistance
  • Designed for easy installation & high-wind performance
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Class A fire rated & stands up to the toughest elements such as wind & hail

ROI on F-Wave's REVIA roof

Increased resale value & potential insurance premium discounts

Designed synthetic composite roof

Great curb appeal with none of the drawbacks of asphalt shingles, wood shakes & slate tiles

If you love the look of traditional asphalt architectural shingles but demand performance,

REVIA by F-Wave is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Composite Synthetic Architectural roof

Guaranteed for 50 Years

REVIA Shingles install just like traditional asphalt shingles, but feature two breakthrough and patented design elements that support a high-quality installation with great-looking curb appeal. Made using the patented F-Wave ZFT™ Technology platform, REVIA Shingles feature a 1” wide, reinforced nailing area that is designed to guide the correct placement of nails while providing extra-strong resistance to wind uplift. The ZFT shingle colorant process results in a durable, infused, colorfast surface with designed-in blend variations that greatly reduce the effects of unsightly shading and patterning.

Class 4 hail impact resistant

Hail Proof Roof

F-Wave REVIA Shingles Warranty Information

All REVIA Synthetic Roofing Shingles come with the WeatherForce™ Advantage – 50 years of warranted coverage which includes 15 years of non-prorated material and labor coverage against manufacturing defects, along with installed performance coverage that includes 15 years of non-prorated material and labor coverage for 130-mph Wind Resistance and 5-Year Class 4 Hail Impact Resistance for single-family detached homes. The WeatherForce Advantage Standard Product Limited Warranty also provides limited coverage for Algae Resistance and Color Fade Resistance. Read the full WeatherForce Advantage Standard Product Limited Warranty for specific warranty terms, limitations and coverage periods.

The REVIA Difference

Tough, single-piece construction

Easy to install

130-mph wind rated

Class 4 hail rated

Class A fire rated

Resistant to UV and weathering

Sparrow Exteriors installs F-Wave’s REVIA synthetic roofing systems. If you have questions, would like to see samples or are ready for an estimate give us a call and…

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