Authentic looking faux roof slate
synthetic cedar shake
Light weight spanish tile

Composite, Synthetic, Engineered – these terms refer to products designed with cutting edge materials to deliver the look of traditional roofing systems with equal or greater performance.

Composite roofing delivers the look of clay, concrete, slate and shake while weighing less than their heavier counterparts. This means the cost and time associated with allowing for additional structural support is saved when roofing with composite products. Composite roofing is also far more durable and aesthetically pleasing than asphalt shingles. Since Brava uses recycled material, their synthetic roofing products help the environment. Additionally, the environment is not impacted by mining slate, extracting clay or harvesting trees which also helps conserve energy.  Brava synthetic roofing products are known for their beauty, high performance and longevity.

Sparrow Exteriors is an expert installer of Brava roof systems and is ready to help you in your upcoming project.