Defective Atlas Chalet Shingles

Severely blistered Atlas Chalet shingles

Can Atlas Chalet Shingles Be Repaired?

IF you are in possession of unused Atlas Chalet shingles and your roof is still pliable enough and in healthy enough condition to survive the repair, then yes they can be repaired. The problem is most Chalet roofs are at an age which they are no longer pliable and will be further damaged by repair attempts. Moreover, finding unused Atlas Chalet shingles is quite rare and known suppliers are permanently out of inventory.

Replacing Atlas Chalet Roofs Throughout Greater Atlanta.

If you’re like most homeowners who have an Atlas Chalet roof, you’re probably vaguely aware of the issues surrounding this shingle and likely even had a couple roofers already knock your door or mail you a notice. The reason is simple: these shingles are discontinued, prone to defects and easily covered by most homeowner’s insurance when damaged by hail or high winds.

Even if you believe your roof has not sustained storm damage, it’s still a good idea to schedule a regular inspection! Also be sure to have it looked at after a major storm rolls through. Not only can you catch potential problems early, but it could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation.


What’s The Deal?

Atlas Chalet Shingle ManufacturerSeveral manufacturers produced similarly designed shingles intended to deliver a designer look and provide a 30 year warranty, while at a more reasonable price point than traditional laminated shingles. Atlas produced Chalet, Certainteed produced Horizon and Owens Corning’s original Prominence all had the same basic design. Take a 3 Tab shingle, through coloring and granule mix add the appearance of shadow and variation, and then apply a thick layer of asphalt and more granules to arrive at the familiar architectural look.

They really looked beautiful when they were first installed. Homebuilders loved them because they could offer a more reasonably priced dimensional shingle. So they quickly became the preferred shingle of new construction and an attractive upgrade option for re-roofing. Unfortunately, within a few years of these shingles being exposed to real world conditions many roofs began to loose granules, the asphalt blistered and even eroded away. So rather than enjoying a 30 year dimensional roof, many homeowners began facing roof leaks and unsightly roofing problems as a result of these defects.

The manufacturers realized an unacceptable percentage were failing and rather than increase their liability and further harm their reputation they discontinued manufacturing their respective product lines.

Why The Focus on Chalet?

Of the three product lines offered by the manufacturers listed above, Chalet was the most popular in the Southeastern market. As a result we have more Atlas Chalet roofs in greater Atlanta than any of the other brands.

Do Insurers Owe You For A Defective or Discontinued Shingle?

No, absolutely not. It should be stated up front that most insurers do not owe you a new roof simply because the product you purchased is defective. In most cases that should be covered by the manufacturer warranty. Unfortunately, most Chalet roofs are well outside the manufacturers’ warranty. What insurers typically do cover is damage resulting from hail, high winds, wind blown debris and falling trees and other acts of God specifically addressed in the terms of their coverage.

When a discontinued roof has been damaged, even if it normally could be repaired, the entire roof MUST be replaced, as the materials to perform a proper repair are not available. Homeowners and Property Insurers still face this same issue with asbestos tile roofs, although in that case they were discontinued for health reasons, not defects.

Atlas Chalet Repair

Generally speaking, it is impossible to properly repair Atlas Chalet roof. ITEL (a leading building materials laboratory) has succinctly stated there is no known remaining stock for this product and a suitable substitute does not exist.

ITEL discontinued shingle report

The Facts:

  • Fact #1: Atlas Chalet is a 30 Year Dimensional 3 Tab shingle.
  • Fact #2: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Installers and Scientific Laboratories all agree there is not a suitable replacement product for the Atlas Chalet shingles.
  • Fact #3: The Insurance Commissioner for the State of Georgia has publically stated these roofs cannot be repaired and if damaged the insurer should replace them in their entirety.
  • Fact #4: The closest style of shingle to like, kind and quality is a laminated architectural shingle.

Bottom Line

In almost every instance reputable contractors will not even attempt to repair these roof systems and insurers shouldn’t even try to pass a repair off as suitable. In the event of a loss, insurers are required to restore you to your pre-loss condition based on like kind and quality. If your insurance company determines that your roof has been damaged by a storm, they MUST replace the entire roof as it cannot be repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

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