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27 02, 2013

Satellite Measurements – EagleView

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Hey There Atlanta!

Georgia is known for its beautiful homes – homes with steep roofs that can often be difficult to diagram or measure. Technology is making some truly remarkable leaps, utilizing satellites and airplanes to diagram and measure roofing and exteriors walls. This advancement makes it easier for the estimator, but most importantly it makes

27 02, 2013

Roof Valley Flashing – Material Options

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There is a lot of misinformation and confusion out there when it comes to properly waterproofing roof valleys. As this weak spot on your roof directs large amounts of water it is a common source for leaks. You want to be certain your contractor is utilizing the best materials and installation methods available. But ask

18 02, 2013

Paint Planning Tools

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So you’ve decided its time to paint your Atlanta area home, but now are faced with the daunting task of choosing the “right” color scheme? Rest easy! These helpful tools are a great place to start.

Atlanta House Paint Tools 1 CHIP IT
by Sherwin-Williams

18 02, 2013

How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors

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Paint Paralysis

As an Atlanta painting company, Sparrow Exteriors understands how the boundless collection of color choices and their unique and often hard to pronounce names are enough to give any homeowner a sense of being overwhelmed. Our clients often ask us:

9 02, 2013

Painting & Extreme Weather

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While Georgia’s winters are typically mild in comparison to Northern States, we still see our share of cold rainy weather and our summers are legendary. Most painting manufacturers recommend specific conditions for applying their paints – summer and winter. The hotter paint becomes the faster it dries and the colder paint gets the longer it

9 02, 2013

Painting FAQ

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painting perspectiveAs a premiere Atlanta painting company, Sparrow Exteriors fields numerous questions about interior and exterior painting. To better assist you, we have prepared this helpful list of frequently asked questions. If your particular question does not appear here, please do not hesitate to

7 02, 2013

Attic Insulation Questions & Benefits

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As an Atlanta installer of attic insulation, Sparrow Exteriors understands how to help you get the most out of your energy dollars. By properly insulating and air sealing your home, you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs (or up to

5 02, 2013

Metal Roofing Myths

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Metal Roof Atlanta

Metal Roofing comes in a wide variety of profiles, gauges and finishes. Whether we are discussing a standing seam, or stone coated steel roof system there is a lot of misinformation out there.

As an Atlanta Roofer specializing in metal roofs, Sparrow Exteriors