DaVinci Roofscapes: More Than Just Materials

Hey There Atlanta!DaVinci Slate roof costs

Calculating costs for a DaVinci roof requires more than just determining the price of the actual tiles. The overall cost of installing a new roof not only includes tools, installation and roof accessories but also such factors as weight, energy savings and maintenance need to be considered.

Following is a brief summary of things we recommend customer consider before moving forward with a new roof.


This is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects to determining overall costs of a roof. A DaVinci roof is maintenance free and as a direct result often costs less.

While natural slates have varying grades and ASTM ratings which affect the quality of the materials and cedar shake can vary depending on the age and quality of the trees from which it is harvested, DaVinci is manufactured following a strict process which results in better consistency. A DaVinci roof is virtually maintenance free, whereas natural slate and shake require annual or semi-annual maintenance.

Discounts & Savings

Once you factor in a DaVinci tile’s wind, fire and impact resistance you really begin to see how much of a difference exists. Many insurance providers offer discounts to homeowners that install Class 4 impact resistant and Class A fire resistant roof products.


While slate is a naturally heavy product that requires a reinforced roof deck and supports, DaVinci roof products are engineered for strength while remaining lightweight. This allows home and business owners to spend less on not only the building costs associated with roof deck and support construction, but shipping costs as well.


Since the tiles are lightweight and come pre-sorted, this reduces labor costs and allows for a faster, smoother installation process.

Energy Savings

Since DaVinci’s Cool Roof tiles efficiently reflect the sunlight and heat away from your home or building, they have earned the designation of an ENERGY STAR® Qualified Product. This adds up to long term energy savings.    

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